Getting Lost

I am so good at getting lost. I can do it, anytime, anywhere. No matter how much technology I have assisting me. I want to get from point A to point B: BAM! I am in top-secret location K. It is kind of like unintentional time-warping. But, I was always under the assumption that time-warping was supposed to be a short cut to get you where you wanted to go. I am probably wrong; I usually am. I really know nothing about all that science fictioney stuff. I was never able to willingly suspend my disbelief and really get into those alternate universes. Plus there are always so many fakey robots, lasers and spaceships in those stories. Boring! I am not saying that robots, lasers and spaceships are not real. Obviously I know these things exist. But they really have no everyday relevance in my life. Unless we are talking about using a laser pointer to drive a cat crazy. Then, oh then, I love lasers. Talk about endless hours of entertainment. It even works on dogs too, if you’re in a pinch and can’t find a cat, or are allergic. This is probably the single greatest use in the universe for a laser. I can’t even think of one single other reason to have a laser, is that what they were invented for? Wasn’t a string entertaining enough? Wait… Don’t TV remotes have lasers to transmit the signal to change the channel or something? But, who even watches TV on a TV anymore? Don’t we all just use Hulu, Netflix or some sort of free streaming on our laptops? Then we proudly announce at parties, loudly enough for more than just the person your talking with to hear, how, “I don’t even own a TV anymore.” Others will automatically assume we are so much better than them. They’ll get a quick mental picture of us using all of our free time reading books, becoming experts in extreme hobbies, or feeding the starving. And we could finish that sentence, clear up all self-righteous assumptions, by saying we just stream TV on our laptops instead. But it really isn’t our job to police or guide other’s assumptions. Their perceptions are their reality, and if they are going to just go around blindly assuming shit, well, maybe they aren’t the kind of person you should be spending your time with anyway. They say we become an average of the people we hang out with, so this is probably something worth being more intentional about. I would hate to become judgmental and closed-minded just because I am afraid of hurting an old acquaintance’s feelings. “Sorry dude, I can’t hang out. Yeah, I am just really busy. Really getting in touch with myself and trying to be intentional with how my time is spent. Yeah, it all started when I sold my TV. Yeah, it’s great. Life changing. What? Oh, you adopted a kitten? I’ll be right over. Yeah, of course I’ll bring my laser pointer.”

336491_10150458676951040_298071355_o Mimi in San Diego

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