Not Even Death & Taxes

They say death and taxes are the only two things in life that you can be sure of. But honestly, I still have no idea exactly how taxes work. I make some money, I pay some money to the government, the government gives me some money back, and we still have crappy roads in MN. Am I doing it right? And death, that is something every single person will experience, but it is an experience wrapped up in so much uncertainty. No one really can predict the how or when of a person’s last breath. So I feel like these two seemingly constants in life are actually not all that definite.

There is one thing in life that I have found to be absolutely reliable. It has been proven in every single occurrence. It is without fail. No matter how careful you are. No matter how quickly you take care of the problem. It is the undeniable fact that if you break glass little, teeny-tiny shards will end up in your entire house, forever. It doesn’t matter that the glass broke in the basement and you immediately took the vacuum to it. Cautioning everyone within ear shot not to even think about coming near; to put on their shoes. One day you will be upstairs, barefoot, and you will be painfully reminded of that incident. You will look at your foot and the tiny shard of glass will prompt the memory of the day so long ago that you thought you had forgotten. The day you reached your wit’s end with your significant other. You couldn’t stand it any longer. The constant arguing. So many lies. Years of pain. This was it. This was the end; the final argument. Your relationship was finally over. In the heat of the moment and with all your frustration boiling over, you threw the glass you were holding at the wall. You found the sound of shattering glass slightly satisfying.

And even though you vacuumed the mess up immediately. Even though it had been years since the day you argued one last time and finally split up. Even though you had moved on. Adopted a dog, joined a gym, and eventually met the love of your life. It does not matter; there will forever be infinitesimal pieces of glass in your home. That is the one thing in life that is certain. Broken glass far outlasts everything, even the deepest hurts and resentments.

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