My Love Letter to Southwest Airlines <3

Dear Southwest Airlines,

I just wanted to take a minute or two to profess my love for you. I fell hard and fast in 2011 and you caught me, with your free baggage policy and the best airfare prices around. Over time you drew me in even deeper with the ease of your flight change options and the friendliness of your agents and flight crew. By 2012 I was completely hooked, and I was ready to commit. I happily applied for your credit card and became a part of your Rapid Rewards program. It has been a blissful union since day one. Spending almost the entirety of last summer traveling around the US on my favorite airline with my reward points, pure joy. Each day, each year, each trip, it just kept getting better with you.

Fall 2014 saw me moving to Europe, and thus leaving your warm embrace and flight jurisdiction. Naturally, my heart broke. Not being able to see you on my frequent flights would be difficult, but I hoped that maintaining my Rapid Rewards card would give me at least a little taste of the love I was lacking. I wanted to keep a piece of what we had together.

Sure, there are others over here. They take me places. And they are affordable. But they never treat me like you did. They nickel and dime me for every single “convenience.” They make me feel like scum just because I prefer to save a little $$ on my flights. They don’t smile, and they don’t make me smile. They certainly don’t rap, sing or make the safety presentation into an entertaining event up to par with a stand-up routine. And they never, ever carry my bags for me (without a hefty charge).

Last week I flew with Ryan and I left that experience feeling just empty, used and taken advantage of.

Honestly, Southwest, traveling is just not the same without you. I know you’re over there, and I am here, but I just wanted you to know I still think about you. I may have never achieved A List, but what we had was true and beautiful. What we had was real. And I hope someday when I return that you will take me back.

Until then, every flight I book will be paid for on my Rapid Rewards Card, and I will think of you.


Your Faithful RR Girl xoxo


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