How to Not Give a Shit About What You Look Like While Traveling, and Look Good Doin’ It

I worked for a fashion designer while I lived in California, and the most common reaction I get to this is, “Oh really?” with an implied “You???” And I get it. Following fashion trends has never been a priority to me. First of all, it’s expensive. And secondly, it takes effort. Both resources I found to be much more fulfilling when I focused them on other areas of life. Like travel…
Packing for trips is still hard, even for a lazy, non-fashionista like myself. But I have managed to find some ways to still look, and more importantly feel, cute with effort as limited as my suitcase space.

The timeless Little Black Dress is a must for any trip. You can throw on some flip-flops and roam the beach boardwalk all day long. And in the evening grab a colorful scarf and some boots, and you’re ready for dinner in the city. And do you know what else is great about the LBD? Wrinkles are less noticeable in dark colors, so stuff it in your bag and let the adventure begin!

Keep your hair low maintenance when traveling. I keep mine on a 3-day wash cycle, which means a weekend exploring Köln requires no washing. This not only gives you more space in your suitcase for trinkets, but also less time washing, blow-drying and styling your hair means more time to see the city!

My beauty products are also super versatile. Anything I can’t use baking soda for, I use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. Not only is this soap made with fair trade, organic oils, which make your skin tingle with freshness, but it can be used for almost anything! I have used it on my face, hair, body, laundry, and in the kitchen. And the best part is, a tiny drop goes a long way, so that tiny, reusable, travel bottle will be more than enough to keep you sparkling for your entire trip.

The best way to look good while traveling is to take fewer photos. Snap a few shots of the beauty around you and then toss your camera in your bag and soak in the moment! Nothing is more captivating than a person genuinely enjoying their surroundings. And trust me, the locals you’ll meet once you put your camera down are going to notice the joy you’re radiating, not the fact that your hair might be a little crazier than normal, or that your black dress is slightly wrinkled.

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