Look At Me! I’m So Awesome. I Didn’t Even Get Lost Once Today.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, I go out and I don’t even get lost. It is like a miracle that I take credit for, and then get all arrogant. Like today, when I ventured out into Berlin all by myself. The last couple weeks I have had little reason to venture further than the couple block radius around our apartment. There really is almost everything I could want or need just outside our doorstep; city living is great!

One of the major requirements for my visa to stay in Germany is to be enrolled in a language course. So today I needed to register at the VHS, the community education center, because they have very specific registration days/times. My ever-supportive boyfriend helped me look up the best tram route, and then I set off to navigate through the city.

I have had my scuffles with public transportation in the past (Like the time last winter when it took me SIX HOURS to get home in the middle of the night. When I could have walked home about 3 times in that amount of time. But that’s another story…). I blame it on my country up bringing, but in reality I have found that the times when I have ended up lost have actually been due to my own inattentiveness. So, today I told myself I would take it slow, focus and be aware of my surroundings.

And guess what? It worked! I did it! I made it to the VHS, across town, all by myself, I was just tapping myself on the shoulder when I realized I was right on time…. to be two hours early. Yep, I had not paid close enough attention to the registration hours and I was two hours early. But hey, that’s better than being two hours late, I told myself as I walked in search of a café to study in with my newfound free time. I had to laugh at myself and thank the Universe for once again humbling me when my ego was getting too big.

It was a gorgeous fall day; cloudy and crisp, perfect for a walk and a coffee. My favorite way to enjoy a new city.

A cappuccino and a couple hours later, while feeling a slight sense of accomplishment laced with caffeine, I pulled the door to the VHS for the second time today. The Universe was there waiting for me yet again, with that same reminder to keep my ego in check. This time I read the note posted on the door more carefully (which means I actually took the time to Google translate what it said) and I was informed that the new student registration was not open today, or for the next ten days. They are on vacation. Which is great for them. I hope they are somewhere sunny. Me and my humbled ego will just be over here, navigating our way home, in the rain, because this is Germany, and of course it’s started to rain.


One thought on “Look At Me! I’m So Awesome. I Didn’t Even Get Lost Once Today.

  1. SO wonderful and funny!! Love you BEautiful girl xoxoxox

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