DIY Dreams

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a canopy bed. What little girl doesn’t?! The coziness, full of whimsy and sweet dreams.

But many of my bedrooms over the years have been less than canopy-bed-friendly.

The first bedroom that I remember, where I didn’t have to share with my little brother, was a closet. Yes, an actual closet. In the top floor of our modest farmhouse. With a slanted ceiling. A regular bed wouldn’t even fit inside, so my dad built one. And he cut a little window in the tiny door. And I loved it. It was my own, cozy, little space.

With probably about the same amount of floor square footage, my cabin onboard the yacht I worked on, reminded me a lot of my little closet room. Only this time I had a roommate. So, the only space to call mine was the less-than-twin-size-tapered-at-the-foot, top bunk bed. But I had a porthole with tropical views, and enough space to curl up and be rocked to sleep. I was not complaining.

When my boyfriend and I were preparing to move in together this fall, in Berlin, I was beyond excited to set up our first home together. While many people count their home’s square footage somewhere in the 1000s or more, our place is a studio apartment with about 250sqft. Which, I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t sound like much. And you’re right, it’s not. But we like it like that; this is our own, cozy little castle, in this big city.

In an attempt to utilize our vaulted ceiling and create a little more space, my talented Joschi and his dear friend built a gorgeous loft for our bed. It is strong and sturdy, and best of all he left the beautifying up to me!

20151021_134417.png                         20151021_134529.png                         IMG_20151015_151125

Last spring I found the most beautiful katha quilt on Instagram. The company is called Dignify and each of their unique products are handmade by women who have been rescued from sex slavery and are now given an education and a trade. This quilt was the perfect inspiration piece for a home that both Joschi and I wanted to be filled with color, love, and meaning.


After many years on the move, living on boats, as an au-pair, and a few places in between, our place in Berlin is really my first time having a home of my own. So I decided now was finally time to have that canopy bed I have been longing for. After a little Pinterest inspiration, some trial and error, and a lot of fabric everywhere, we now have a canopy over our comfy bed, on our sturdy loft, in our cozy apartment. And, just like his love, it was so worth the wait, and even more beautiful than I ever dreamed.

– 4 skinny wooden rods
– 8 screws with hooks on the ends
– 2 bed sheets (flat)
– Random yarn found at the Euro Store on our street

First we screwed the hooks in the ceiling
– 4 on each side, spaced wide enough apart to support the rods
– Just as wide as the bed/loft (so the wood rods would run the length of the bed)
– With the holes lining up to slide the wooden rods through

After the wooden rods were in, then the beautifying began! I found two sets of bed sheets that matched the colorful quilt, and since we have a duvet cover, we didn’t need the flat sheets from the sets, so those were utilized to make the canopy.

Then I added the fabric
– I cut the sheets, the long way, into random width strips
12171185_10154309984221040_735350098_o– Then I cut a small hole about 3 inches from the top of each strip
– I looped the fabric strip around the wood and pushed the end through the tiny hole I had cut20151021_124226.png
– Then I draped it over to the wood rod on the other side of the bed
– Repeat until the whole space is covered

Add any other fabric or yarn you find, to create more texture and color variation

Now it’s time to snuggle up and have sweet dreams under your whimsical DIY canopy bed!


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