Cobblestone streets are a pain in the ass

You know what’s a pain in the ass? Cobblestone streets. Seriously, how are these still being produced? I can understand, that way back in ancient times, the only way to make streets was with a mosaic of stones or maybe bricks. And that worked just fine, wheels were maybe a little more primitive too, and people were probably just happy that they weren’t getting stuck in the mud (as often).

Societies have evolved, cities have grown, man now has knowledge, technology, and endless skills. We have even put a man on the moon and cured diseases. Why on Earth are we still using cobblestone streets in modern construction?! On purpose!

I could see there being an information and technology gap back in the day. Maybe when alternative road materials and techniques were first available, outlying construction projects didn’t really get the memo, because well, maybe they didn’t have memos back then, or really any efficient way to spread this valuable information. So the construction foreman just set his crew to work like usual, and out of habit they started making the road with the same stones they had always used. “Oh shit! You guys didn’t hear?” The foreman’s boss would have said when he came upon the crew, breaking their backs to individually lay each brick. “Yeah, we’re not using those bricks any more, they are such a pain in the ass, yeah, there’s this new technology that makes the road smooth, no more bouncing all over the place, no more twisted ankles. Yeah, well just finish up this section, but from now on use this new stuff.”

Clearly this conversation was never had in Germany. For a country that prides itself on their efficiency and top-notch automobiles, it seems silly that they are still making these ridiculous roads. And how have the bicyclists not gone on strike, or signed a petition, or done whatever masses of people do when they want a change?

Sometimes I look at my cell phone, which holds the answer to almost any question I can come up with, and connects me to people across the world, and I think about just how advanced we are. And then I ride my bicycle down a cobblestone street, bouncing so hard my phone jumps out of my pocked and cracks the screen, and I remember, we still have a long way to go yet.


Pompeii, Italy

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