How to Salsa Dance in 3 Easy Steps

I love Salsa & Bachata dancing. And surprisingly, I am actually pretty good at it. I have had Latino men tell me that I was the best dance partner they’ve ever had. Now, what percent of that is truth and what is flattery, I will never know. But I will take the compliment either way! I haven’t taken a dance class since I was in tap and ballet when I was about 3 years old, but I have somehow found a pretty effective way to at least feign some sort of proficiency…


First, you need to find a local Latino nightclub. It is absolutely essential that you walk into this place as the minority. You should be surrounded by curvy, dark haired women, and men with tiny mustaches, and snakeskin boots. There is even a chance you will be one of the tallest people in the club. And unless you actually paid attention in high school to your Spanish teacher, you should not understand a single word of the music that the DJ is playing. All of these are cues that you have arrived at the right place.


Once you have identified an ideal venue, the second thing you need is a shot of tequila, STAT. No, this isn’t spring break, you’re not here to get sloppy and out of control. You will never learn how to dance if you’re hugging a nasty toilet all night, or getting taken advantage of in a dark corner. One, maybe two, shots of tequila, not a mixed drink or a beer, you need your hands free for dancing.


Now you’re warmed up and your confidence is boosted slightly, so you’re ready for the third and most critical step in learning how to dance: just say, “YES!” I don’t care if he is 63 years old, or barely stands 5’, you say yes to every single man that asks you to dance. Confident men are usually confident dancers, and you need to be led by both in order to learn. Get your booty on the dance floor and fake it until you make it! He doesn’t care that you don’t know the steps, just let him lead.


If the song is over and you don’t feel like you have grasped the concept or improved at all, repeat steps 2-3 until last call and the lights come on.

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