For Curly Girls Only

If I had a dollar for every time a girl with straightened hair told me, “I love your hair! I have natural curls too!” then I would be making a meager amount of money in a very strange way. But it hurts a little each time, because I believe curls are a treasure! A treasure that needs a little loving, coaxing, patience, the right product and a little luck.
Pinterest has a million pins (statistic not guaranteed to be accurate) with tips on how to tame a curly mane. Some have a couple decent recommendations, but mostly I have found that each set of curls really has a mind of their own. They are temperamental and unruly, and are never going to behave. It is their curse and their blessing. You just have to learn for yourself how to wrangle and love them. Which, like any wild animal, takes time; I am into my 27th year, and still learning.
It can be especially frustrating when you really need your curls to cooperate, for a date or special event perhaps, and they don’t. Sure, there are days when my curls decide to dry in an angelic pattern; zero frizz, falling perfectly around my face, bouncing up into ringlets that would make Shirley Temple envious. But of course, these days happen when I have zero reason to leave the house. Which leads to me making any excuse to get out, even if it is just to the post office, because wasting a good hair day is a mortal sin.
I believe every curl’s bad day is even better than straight hair’s best days. There is such a uniqueness in that messy rebellion. A raw beauty that lures and spellbinds. A recklessness just begging to be embraced.
So, if you’re one of those lucky few who have been graced with this priceless feature, please for the love of ringlets, put down the straightener! Spend a little time learning what does and doesn’t work for your curls, and rock them! Love them even on their bad days, and parade them around on their good days. Because, everyone loves a curly girlie.

***The statements made in this blog post are simply facts not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings 😉 ***


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