The One That Got Away…

Yeah, I still think about you; almost everyday I am reminded of you. Maybe that is unfair of me to say, now, after all this time has passed between us, but it is the truth. Hindsight is always the clearest, and honestly, I don’t think I fully realized what we had together, until now.

I know moving on was best for us at the time. I was going, moving to somewhere new, and you had to stay. That still doesn’t make it any easier to forget all memories we made together. Sunny days along the San Diego coast, warm summer nights cruising through the city, trips to the mountains, heck, even just a grocery run with you was an adventure. It didn’t matter if we were with friends, family, or just you and I, we always seemed to have a good time. I could always count on you to bring a smile to my face.

The connection I felt with you was crazy. We just clicked and understood each other, and that bond grew stronger over time. Only the cliché words: “it was like breathing,” can describe the simple, yet profound way we were joined.

People often told me that you were out of my league, too much for me to handle. In many ways they were right, but you also made me grow. You taught me about the world and most importantly: myself. You gave me space to think and develop. You empowered me.

I am not sure where you are now. It’s been almost 4 years since I left you. I only hope that whoever is in your life now is in love with you as much as I was. I hope you make each other happy, like we were. I hope you make new memories on long adventures. I hope you’re taken care of.

My wish is not to see you again, because I am not sure I would be able to handle seeing how you have changed. And the jealousy I would feel for the new person in your life would eat me up. No, I am happy holding on to this picture perfect image I have of you, and of you and I when it was, “we.” I only want you to know that I have not forgotten those memories we made, and I will always appreciate the growth you enabled in my life.

Cookie, my wild, sleek, empowering, dangerous Ducati, you will always be the one who got away. The motorcycle I have and will always measure each new purchase with. None will ever fill the void you left.


Cookie and I together in San Diego

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