When she was a teenager her future was a far off land, one full of hopes, expectations, and assumptions. And then suddenly she’s pushing 30 and that far off land doesn’t look anything like the one her naïve self had conjured and anticipated. Sure, she is entirely happy to be where she is, even if she has no idea how she arrived there.

But there is still a slight lost feeling, because in her heart, she’s still that sixteen year old girl. The one who knew exactly what she believed. The one who saw the good and positivity in everything, and everyone; almost to a fault. The loyal girl who held on, even when it seemed nearly impossible. Life was full of innocence and sunshine.

Then that girl’s journey began, and it took her to far away places. It introduced her to new and different people, with new and different opinions. It put her in scenarios her small mind never anticipated. It skewed, twisted, and expanded her horizons. It pushed and challenged her.

She learned that no one really has it all figured out. She learned that beliefs could evolve, change, or even disappear. And people, the ones she held onto and adored, they can fail, hurt, and disappoint. The world was a contrast of dark and light, with immense areas of debatable grays.

Just when she was reaching the age at which she expected to “have it all figured out” she was even further away than when she had begun. She felt like she was losing grip, but strangely that slipping sensation felt certain and peaceful. She looked around at everyone, also gripping so tightly, and suddenly she found it so unnecessary. So she let go and succumbed to the free fall. Only then did she realize she’d had wings the whole time.

WP_20160813_14_20_27_Pro.jpgThe Austrian Alps

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