If I had just one wish…

People are always talking about new technology and how scary and futuristic it all seems. Like soon we are all going to be buzzing around in spaceships like the Jetsons (if any of you young’uns don’t know who they are, Google it). And we aren’t even going to need computers or hand-held cell phones, because we will just have info projected into our line of vision. From where? I have no idea, I’m not the tech savvy one here; just Google it. We won’t even need to eat or drink, a little pill will satisfy all our needs. Crazy stuff like that.

I can’t even imagine how easy and different life will be. I mean, my life is already pretty easy right now. I can settle any argument with a quick Google search. I can diagnose and cure many ailments with a quick Google search. I can figure out my way around almost any city with a quick Google search. I can, and did, use technology to meet the love of my life. Technology is great.

I am not in such a rush for new technology to come onto the market, but for one exception: laser beams. I have talked about laser beams awhile back, but this time is different. I want to be able to shoot destructive laser beams from my eyes. I know what you are thinking, why on earth would I need this ability? How could this power and technology ever be used for good? And to answer you, I have four words: cell phones at concerts.

If you have been to a single concert in the past 5 or so years you will know what I am talking about.

I am not the kind of girl who goes shopping for fun. I don’t get my nails done. I rarely spend money at the hair salon. And I own fewer shoes than the love of my life (the one I met thanks to technology, remember?). There is a whole long list of things I don’t spend my money on. Paying for concerts is not on there.

I will hardly think twice when it comes to spending money on concert tickets. There is just something about live music. I know, this is not a new concept; concert halls are often filled with people who have the same love and appreciation for loud, heart thumping, ear ringing, toe tappin’ music.

Lately going to concerts has brought me more stress, frustration, and disappointment than joy. And honestly, it just makes me hate a lot of people I don’t even know. Which isn’t fair, but it is their own fault. If I wanted to watch a band play on a tiny little phone screen, I would have stayed home and Googled it, and saved myself 20 bucks.

Taking a bazillion blurry pictures and bouncy videos at a concert is like smoking in public. It is not good for you and annoying for everyone (me) around you. Not only do you miss out on the whole experience of the concert, you steal it from anyone (me) standing behind you. And guess what, no one (me) on Snapchat or Facebook ever watches loud, distorted concert posts. It is annoying, selfish, and rude. Just stop it.

Now I will be honest, I have been known to snap a pic at a concert from time to time. One, maybe two max. That’s it. Enough to remember the fun night I had, but still mindfully enjoy the atmosphere. If everyone would follow this little guideline, concert halls would once again be magical places, filled with joy.

Since this whole “mindful movement” seems to be taking longer to catch on than my patience will last, I just have one technology wish. I want laser beams that I can shoot out of my eyes and destroy the pesky phones in my line of vision at a concert. I promise not to hurt anyone. I don’t think it is much to ask for, and I would even be willing to cash it in as my one and only Christmas wish. I know, it’s not even Halloween yet, I am a little early. But I just really want to have this little bit of technology so I can enjoy concerts again, the old fashion way.


I had a really great view at The Heavy concert last spring

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