We are so bad at Berlin’ing

We had been looking for a small live music venue in our neighborhood. Google searches only brought up tourist spots downtown or concerts in the giant stadiums. Not really what we were looking for. Then one day, over the summer, I heard someone talking about a great local spot where they had just heard an… Continue reading We are so bad at Berlin’ing

3 important lessons traveling will teach you about your significant other

A few years ago I made plans to travel with a guy I had just started casually seeing. My suggestion, a cozy bed and breakfast, his response, “In an old house? That’s too weird. No way.” He obviously wasn’t into camping, Couchsurfing, or Airbnb either. The only option he would accept was a boring, stale,… Continue reading 3 important lessons traveling will teach you about your significant other

How to Fall in Love

I am absolutely certain that the success of my current relationship directly correlates to the fact that I was already in love before we met. I had spent the previous four years dating, and falling for the most important person in my life: myself. There is almost nothing more attractive and desirable about a person… Continue reading How to Fall in Love

Just Give Up

I recently heard someone accuse my generation of giving up too easily. Abandoning responsibilities on a whim. Flittering from place to place without commitment. In a word, we are “flakey.” I agree, some people take this trait to the extreme, giving a bad name to our entire generation. This sucks, because when done right, giving… Continue reading Just Give Up