Motorcycle Misadventures: Anxiety in the Alps

I never realized there could be a fear of feeling small, but as I was riding my light, barely-larger-than-a-moped, 1970s motorcycle through the towering, colossal Alp Mountain Range, my anxiety was rising. With each passing mile I was cursing myself for embarking on such an overwhelming feat; I was wishing I could have just been… Continue reading Motorcycle Misadventures: Anxiety in the Alps

Motorcycle Misadventures, Episode 1

I was broken down, my motorcycle wouldn’t run. We were stranded. Less than a kilometer from home. I knew it was less than a kilometer because we were in front of a shopping center I frequently walk to. Our trip was over before it even began. All the hard work, sacrifices and preparations we had… Continue reading Motorcycle Misadventures, Episode 1